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Greenhouse delivers beautiful, California Casual style interiors through a series of integrated services, providing clients with a seamless design experience from start to finish. From personalized project planning through construction and installation, Greenhouses capabilities include management of design projects of all sizes.   

Modern Bathroom


Personalized Statement Space Design + Functionality

Greenhouse works hard to ensure every project meets the agreed-upon budget and deadline. That’s why they believe design conception is such a crucial stage of every venture. Whether it’s a new build, remodel, or a minor update, we are here to guide as well as divide and conquer the implementation process of renovation.  Our team is always looking for collaborations that allow us to get creative and bring exceptional spaces to life that combine both creativity and functionality as well as combatting problems before they exist.  Specialties:

  • New Builds & Custom Homes

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Cozy Living Room


Smart Solutions Guaranteed

Schematic Design is a vital stage in every project - no matter the size or scope of your planned project -  as the design layout, floor plans, and schematics are essential for success.  Design Development is one of the most important elements in the design journey and process.  Greenhouse believes in running lists, check-in's with clients consistently, and daily project management of your project to ensure it's success.  This results in the following items: 

  • Conceptual Design Development

  • Space Planning & Layout Development

  • 3D Renderings of Spaces

  • Material, Fixture, and Finish Selections

  • Design & Fabrication of Custom Features

  • Expediting, Tracking, and Delivery Oversight



The Foundation for Success

Construction and Building is one of the most important elements in the whole process. Done correctly, it produces your end result of ideas coming to a beautiful built reality.   We prefer a collaborative approach and work alongside clients, architects, and builders throughout the project to ensure both quality and timeliness are ensured. This includes: 

  • Planning & Project Management

  • Site Check In's, Visits, and Meetings to ensure target goals

  • Pushing and maintaining deadlines with the Architect and Contractor

  • Project Installation 

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