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Welcome, I'm Erin

If you're here, then you are more than likely looking for creative  design help with your project.  I'm guessing you're busy wearing all kinds of hats in life daily - maybe you're a parent, have a demanding career,  travel a ton, someone who can't visualize their space...the list could be endless.  Life is busy and can be overwhelming in trying to mark the to do's off your checklist, especially when it comes to home design. 


Welcome to my creative universe! I am Erin Green and I am the Principle Designer/Founder of Greenhouse Interior Design.  I  broke ground on my own in 2018 when I designed a $17 Million dollar NYC living room space in three different variations for Elle Décor, gaining national publication. I also designed room spaces for Martha Stewart as part of a test pilot project for Living Inc. and have been the Design Director for a variety of San Francisco design firms and have worked with clients such as Sotheby’s, Houzz, and Perigold.

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