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Furnishings provided by Erin Green's own personal vintage collection were used for a variety of staging sets and shoots throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  These stagings were used primarily for private events and styled by Erin with various other team members to create curated concepts. Although Greenhouse no longer supplies furnishings or decor for stagings we do work with clients for help in styling their custom residential spaces.

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Staging: Welcome


GH - Maxine71
GH - Maxine24
GH - Maxine43
GH - Maxine180
GH - Maxine248
GH - Maxine155
GH - Maxine134
GH - Maxine86
GH - Maxine87
GH - Maxine184
GH - Maxine46
GH - Maxine41
GH - Maxine28
GH - Maxine150
GH - Maxine99
Staging: Portfolio
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