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How much do people typically spend on furniture, art & accessories for a room?

You set the budget you want to spend on products. We design each space down to the tiniest details—even if it means some items may need to land on your wish list for later. We always attempt to get all of your essential pieces like seating, rugs, and a few design accents into whatever budget you set. We want you to be thrilled with your design plan!

How much does hiring an interior designer cost?

There are a number of factors that impact the cost of design services including the size, complexity, and pace of your project. We have a detailed project process and timeline that help our projects run smoothly and efficiently. When the project is well planned and runs on schedule, cost goes down substantially.  Essentially, decision making and committing to layout, materials, and planning helps reduce time needed with a Designer.


Residential remodel clients spend an average of $10-25K* on design services when our team is involved in the project from start to finish.  Another way we advise to budget is, typically, the average percentage of most client design fee’s will be 20-30% of your total estimated remodel budget (materials, construction, design). 


We offer design services at an hourly rate and do not offer packages at this time.  The reason for this is that design is a journey to an end result and historically we have found that packaged rates limit, procrastinate, or put pressure on a project that alters the timing, completion, and overall creative process.  Clients historically have returned with on-going questions, additional projects or needs that cannot be pre-calculated, therefore we do not offer flat fee rates. 

Why is another designer charging less for their services?

We have the hands on experience and education to help you avoid expensive mistakes and oversights during your design project.  Hiring a Designer is a personal decision and all Design Firms range in pricing, so it is most important to select a Designer that best reflects your own style and you have synergy with as it is an on-going relationship and process together.  


Our team has the knowledge of  industry safety, codes, trends, price-points, vendors, retailers, and possess the ability to utilize AutoCAD (and all other technical design platforms) to give our clients all the tools they need to visualize their space before it is built. This can mean more time in the planning phases particularly but this is essential to the overall success of your space, and avoid costly mistakes.


Greenhouse also believes in being transparent with clients on project fees, invoicing, and mark up’s.  We are not a design firm that has hidden product mark-ups, contractor and vendor referral kick-backs, low time investment on your project with inflated billing hours, or unexpected additional extra fees and costs. Transparency is among our core values; you’ll see it in our design process, our pricing, and our daily interactions.

How long does the remodeling design process take?

The timeline of our design process varies depending on the scope and size of your project as well as Contractor availability. Following your initial consultation, we will provide a proposal outlining the projected scope of work and a rough estimate of the timeline.  If you have a specific target date for completion, this is critical for us to use for planning, but also is not a guarantee. There are a lot of moving parts and planning required so we do our best to meet your deadlines as much as we can. 


Product lead times vary, but generally you can expect furniture to be about 8-12 weeks (for online orders). During the Pandemic we are seeing normal than average lead times for some products due to manufacturing shutdowns or new safety measures.  Quick-ship items can be procured in 2-6 weeks, but options are very limited—you may find what is available in that time frame looks like what everyone else already has.

Can you refer us to a good Contractor? Architect? Painter? Etc.?

Yes! We have relationships with the professionals who we trust and have worked with prior. We will recommend vendors with high standards when it comes to our projects to ensure quality and care with your space. We don’t take referral kickbacks either.

Will you work with my existing Contractor?

Absolutely! We’re always looking to build our professional network and are open to working with new Contractors.  We will be glad to work with an existing Vendor you feel confident with. 

My Contractor/Architect offers design services; why should I hire an independent Interior Designer?

Hiring an Independent Interior Designer means you first and foremost are attracted to their overall style, which is pivotal to achieving the design you dream of for your space.  Every Designer has their own aesthetic which is organic to any other industry professional.  


The Contractor and Architect, have their own work priorities for each project (Build, Construct, Engineering, etc.) which is also pivotal to your projects success.  These professionals are not married to a specific  style or aesthetic which makes it difficult for those fine tune design details & decisions you’ll run into (i.e., what color of hardware on the cabinets, what style of cabinet, what flooring looks best with this vanity, which finish to select to pair with your tile selection, etc.).  Typically, an outside Designer will offer an organic viewpoint not paired to the brand of the Builder and can fine tune your aesthetic better for custom looks in a space.


Each party also has interests at stake in the project, and clients need an Interior Designer specifically to advocate on your behalf. Clients can be quite vulnerable when it comes to the issues that may arise during a project, and we can be there to make sure that you aren’t being taken advantage of or someone who only constructs cabinets it designing your entire kitchen….these are the truths and obstacles in the process to overcome.  Having an outside Designer will become your advocate and voice for the project. 


A Designer will keep your project in budget, in style, and on point with final results as our top priority is being our Client’s advocate and “voice” when they are unable to be. 

How Much Does it Cost to Furnish a Room?

In general, the cost of furnishing a bedroom can range from $3,000 at the bare minimum to around $10,000 or more with standard retail materials (i.e., Crate & Barrel,  Living Spaces, etc.)

The Average Cost to furnish an entire home is $30-45K for retail.  For Designer Trade Materials (To The Trade), the average cost 

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