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In 2018, Erin curated three interior spaces for Martha Stewart to showcase her furniture line.  The challenge for this project was to use a bulk of Martha Stewart furnishings in each room space, keep symmetry and balance to the room, and reflect Martha’s interior aesthetic preferences which were taken from her Charles Street, Lily Pond, and Skyland’s Retreat.

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Urban Modern City

In the city, a clean, urban-modern approach is the rule. Sheer curtains let light flood in so that paint colors are seen in their truest expression. Furnishings emphasize function without compromising beauty or style, while plush area rugs and upholstery provide just the right comfort and warmth.  Using Martha's own collection, Erin curated this room design to incorporate her pieces into a city-modern design. Out of the three designs, Martha Stewart picked this room as her favorite, emphasizing the bold color pop is what won her over.


Contemporary Coastal Beach

In Martha's shingle style beach home, coastal living is relaxed and refreshing.  Surfaces in beachy shades of beige and turquoise reflect sunlight; sisal rugs keep the atmosphere natural and unique furniture pieces add moments of decorative personality. Using Martha's own collection, Erin curated a room design to incorporate this contemporary beach feel.


Traditional Woodland Retreat

Martha's woodland retreat above the Atlantic is her most grand and formal estate.  Colors and materials inside include ornate golds, greens, brass, damask, and Venetian glass.  This estate mimics the light and textures of the outdoors.  Its great rooms are rich with Oriental rugs, taffeta curtains, and impressive decorative furniture that is feminine traditional in overall style. Using Martha's own collection, Erin curated a room design to incorporate this requested design style.

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